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TechFlash “Newsmaker of the Year”

The Flashies have been awarded!  One winner in each of 15 categories, chosen by reader balloting among a half dozen candidates.

In the “Newsmaker of the Year” category, who was the winner?

  • Was it Paul Allen, who “recovers from non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, sues some of the Internet’s biggest names for patent infringement, and pledges along with other billionaires to give the majority of his fortune to charity”?
  • Was it Steve Ballmer, who “attempts to reverse the company’s mobile fortunes, build momentum in video games and shore up its core software franchises while funding the campaign against a state income tax and announcing plans to sell up to $2 billion in stock”?
  • Was it Jeff Bezos, under whose leadership “ posts a 44 percent increase in employment in one year, expands its Kindle business, acquires and reaches a deal to buy, while coming under intense criticism for its handling of the discovery of a pedophile guidebook in the Kindle store”?
  • Was it Andy Sack, who “cements his role as a chief instigator and motivator on the Seattle startup scene — leading initiatives including Founder’s Co-op, TechStars and RevenueLoan”?
  • Was it Ben Huh, who “continues to expand the Cheezburger empire of comedy websites; takes on Meg Whitman and the Associated Press; makes a public attempt to acquire the Reddit social news service; and stirs controversy over startup wages”?

Nope!  It was Shwetak Patel, “a 28-year-old assistant professor in the UW Department of Computer Science & Engineering [who] sells home energy monitoring startup Zensi to Belkin and separately develops a novel method of using electrical wiring as a wireless antenna system, spawning another startup.”

See all the winners here.  See Shwetak bathed in Disco Red here.

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