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UW CSE Ph.D. alum Sorin Lerner recognized by adult entertainment industry

(this photo has been cropped)

No, we are not making this up.  Just exaggerating a bit.

XBIZ newswire, “Adult entertainment industry news for the media” – a division of, “The leading source for adult industry news” – reports on the paper “An Empirical Study of Privacy-Violating Information Flows in JavaScript Web Applications.”

We cannot in good conscience quote from the XBIZ article in this family-oriented blog, but you can read it here.  We will note, however, that based upon extensive research, Sorin and his UCSD colleagues recommend Chrome and Safari for surfing porn.

(We thank Stefan Savage, our Southern California pornography correspondent, for this item.)

Update:  A lawsuit has now been filed in response to this disclosure; see article here.

(We thank Stefan Savage, our Southern California legal correspondent, for this item.)