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Dot Diva profiles UW CSE alums Siobhan Quinn, Kendal Sager

Siobhan Quinn

Kendal Sager

Dot Diva is a website built by WGBH Boston to expose high school women to the power of computer science to change the world.

Dot Diva has just rolled out fifteen great profiles of young women using their computer science education in interesting ways.  Two of them are UW CSE alums:  Siobhan Quinn and Kendal Sager.

Siobhan works at Foursquare in New York City, following several years at Google and  She says she didn’t think she’d be interested in computer science, but took our intro course as a requirement. “I was hooked after the first project, which had us build characters that walked across the screen. I wrote code to give my characters colorful clothes, which earned me extra credit.”

Kendal is a character technical director at DreamWorks.  Kendal makes it possible for animated characters to have natural-looking moves and expressions.  “I take a 3-D model of a character and put a ‘skeleton’ in it so that the animator can make it come to life.”