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New ACM Fellows

Among the 41 distinguished computer scientists named ACM Fellows today:

Affiliate professor Doug Burger, Microsoft Research, “For contributions to distributed microprocessor architectures and memory systems”

Ph.D. alumna Anne Condon, University of British Columbia, “For contributions to complexity theory and leadership in advancing women in computing”

Ph.D. stepchild Mike Dahlin, University of Texas at Austin, “For contributions to the science and engineering of large-scale distributed computer systems” (Mike was a student of Tom Anderson’s when Tom was a faculty member at UC Berkeley)

Ph.D. alumna Carla Ellis, Duke University, “For contributions to techniques for energy management in mobile devices, and for service to the computing community”

Ph.D. alumnus Stefan Savage, University of California, San Diego, “For contributions to large scale systems and network security”

And, in the “all in the family” category, Frank Tompa, University of Waterloo,  brother of UW CSE faculty member Martin Tompa, “For contributions to text-dominated and semi-structured data management”

ACM announcement here.