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“Inspiring High School Developers”

A TechFlash post by UW CSE alumna Hélène Martin, who teaches computer science at Seattle’s Garfield High School.

“What does it take to inspire teenagers to consider computing careers?  RSA encryption, a large supply of fruit snacks and a healthy competitive atmosphere may be part of the answer.

“Last Saturday, students from around the Puget Sound gathered at the University of Washington for a battle of the minds: the Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association’s biannual programming competition. Over 70 students ages 12 to 18 piled into an auditorium to hear UW Computer Science & Engineering lecturer Stuart Reges describe Fermat’s Little Theorem and its role in cryptography before a three-hour problem solving marathon.”

Read the full post here.  Learn more about the day’s activities here.  Read about Hélène’s Garfield Computer Science program here.