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CSE’s Elisa Celis, Emad Soroush, Michael Toomim win Yahoo! “Key Scientific Challenges” awards

UW CSE Ph.D. students Elisa Celis, Emad Soroush, and Michael Toomim are among 22 students from across the nation to win 2011 awards in the Yahoo! “Key Scientific Challenges” program.

Elisa works with UW CSE professor Anna Karlin on algorithmic game theory, internet economics, and social networks.

Emad works with UW CSE faculty member Magda Balazinska on data management.

Michael works with UW CSE professor James Landay on human-computer interaction.

In 2010, UW CSE Ph.D. students Yaw Anokwa and Yingyi Bu were among the 23 winners. In 2009, UW CSE Ph.D. student Raphael Hoffman was among the 21 winners.  Next year we’re shooting for four!

Congratulations to Elisa, Emad, and Michael!  And thanks to Yahoo! for recognizing our students.