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New UW President Michael Young meets the press in CSE

UW CSE is honored that the University of Washington introduced its President-designate, Michael Young, at a press event this morning in the Bill & Melinda Gates Commons of the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering.

UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska is quoted in this KOMO-TV story:  “This is like any organization.  The leadership comes from the top.  The tone comes from the top.  So having someone with tremendous academic achievement, which he has; tremendous leadership experience; entrepreneurial experience as well; it’s a huge win.”

Impressively, Young – currently the President of the University of Utah – was able to recite a detailed list of Utah’s legendary contributions to computer graphics – the people, the companies, the technologies.  He also claimed to have seen Chris Johnson on two separate occasions when Chris wasn’t wearing shorts – a claim that we find suspicious.

From the Seattle Times:  “His staff at the University of Utah gave him a set of UW cufflinks, and the UW gave him a goody bag with Husky paraphernalia, including a yo-yo that lights up, from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, where the news conference was held.”