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Warren Jessop retires

After more than 30 years as a UW CSE graduate student and staff member (mostly as a staff member – he’s not one of those!), Warren Jessop has retired!

In announcing Warren’s retirement, Erik Lundberg, CSE’s Laboratory Director, said:  “Not many of you were around when Warren joined the department as a graduate student in the early 1980s.  Starting in 1982, he worked for the VLSI Consortium for a number of years, and later joined the CSE Lab staff to provide broader departmental support for Sun workstations.   In 1999, he took over the management of the Lab’s Support Group, which at the time he termed “grabbing the Third Rail of the Lab.”  Indeed.   But Warren has created a high-functioning operation, which keeps the trains running on time and the services humming.  We are sad to see him leave.”

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