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Gates Foundation funds VillageReach, UW CSE

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges Explorations program fosters creative projects that show great promise to improve the health of people in the developing world.

In the latest round of funding, Allen Wilcox of VillageReach, working with UW CSE’s Nicki Dell, Gaetano Borriello, and Linda Shapiro, received a $100,000 grant for their “Digitizing Paper-Based Data Via Mobile Image Technologies” project.

The team will refine and field test a mobile scanning application to transform paper data into a scalable digital system.   Their solution could lower time and cost for data capture, improve data quality from the point of care, and provide access to the same information for all levels in the healthcare delivery system.

This is the second Gates Foundation grant that UW Change members have been involved in.  The first was the Mobile Midwives Ultrasound project.

Congratulations to the VilllageReach and UW CSE team!

Puget Sound Business Journal here.  VillageReach/UW CSE joint press release here.