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“Identifying innuendo no joke for comp sci researchers”

Computerworld highlights research by UW CSE Ph.D. student Chloe Kiddon and postdoc Yuriy Brun.

“As it turns out, identifying humour through software is hard … as the meaning of a sentence will often vary based on the context in which it is presented, and this is something that is difficult to implement in software.  When you add humour and puns — when words can have multiple meanings — this can get substantially harder.

“Two researchers at the University of Washington, however, were willing to give it their best shot.  In a recently released paper entitled “That’s What She Said: Double Entendre Identification”, Kiddon and Brun describe what they’ve found and introduce their new approach to the problem: ‘Double Entendre via Noun Transfer’ or DEviaNT for short.”

Read the article here.  Read the research paper here.

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