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“Red Hot: The Computer Science Job Market”

An Xconomy article on the Seattle area job market for computer scientists, with lots of UW CSE examples, such as this quote from an undergraduate:

“I’ve been completely blown away by how well interns are treated within our industry. It’s incredible that CSE students still in school can earn summer salaries twice as high as students from other majors can expect to earn after graduation. My most unique experience has been my opportunity to travel. Last summer I worked for [top tech company] in Seattle. At some point I realized that they had offices in awesome cities all over the world: Sydney, Dublin, Zurich, Paris, London. I told the recruiters I wanted to work at one of these offices. They were able to secure me a position in London. I’ve always wanted to study abroad, but I was worried how well it would fit with computer science. As it turns out, I got a better deal than studying abroad: working abroad. Now all of my study abroad dreams are being fulfilled more wildly than I ever expected: I’m being paid to travel; I’m not losing time, I’m working for an industry leader; and, best yet, I don’t have homework. I don’t think many other students get opportunities like this.”

Read the article here.

Related: Here’s a terrific letter from Google regarding the threatened termination of Western Washington University’s Computer Science Department:

“Google is growing at a rapid rate … The Seattle sites are pure R&D sites … Our headcount is up 45% from last year to approximately 1,000 employees … About one third of our current Washington engineering staff came through the University of Washington’s CSE program …”

Read it here.