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ACM TechNews, ITBusinessEdge on Computer Science job market

ACM TechNews and ITBusinessEdge have both picked up UW CSE professor Ed Lazowska’s recent Xconomy article on the Computer Science job market.

“Meanwhile, in this post at Xconomy, Lazowska reports that his seniors are being offered salaries straight out of college as high as $105,000. The emails he quotes in that piece will just blow you away at the opportunities these kids are offered, such as this:

“‘I’m a senior who transferred to UW from Shoreline Community College. My employment history is zilch – a little retail, that’s it. Yet [top tech company] offered me a $30/hr internship just based on the fact that I’m in UW CSE.’

“And this one:

“‘Last summer I worked for [top tech company] in Seattle. At some point I realized that they had offices in awesome cities all over the world: Sydney, Dublin, Zurich, Paris, London. I told the recruiters I wanted to work at one of these offices. They were able to secure me a position in London. I’ve always wanted to study abroad, but I was worried how well it would fit with computer science. As it turns out, I got a better deal than studying abroad: working abroad.'”

Meanwhile, Xconomy reports today on a new study by the job search site Dice ranking Seattle among the top cities for tech workforce crunch, here.