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Anne Condon, Jeremy Jaech win UW CSE Alumni Achievement Award

Anne Condon, Ph.D. 1987

Jeremy Jaech, M.S. 1980

Today UW Computer Science & Engineering conferred its Alumni Achievement Award on Anne Condon and Jeremy Jaech.

Anne, a 1987 Ph.D. alumna, will become Head of the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia on July 1.  An expert in theoretical computer science and algorithms for biology, Anne also received the 2010 Computing Research Association A. Nico Habermann Award for her “long-standing and impactful service toward the goal of increasing the participation of women in computer science research.”

Jeremy, a 1980 Masters alumnus, is Seattle’s preeminent serial software entrepreneur.  He co-founded Aldus, which invented desktop publishing through its Pagemaker software; Aldus was eventually acquired by Adobe and is responsible for Adobe’s substantial presence in Seattle.  He then led the team that founded Visio, another game-changing software company that brought engineering drawing to the masses; Visio was eventually acquired by Microsoft.  He led the founding team at Trumba, and most recently served as CEO of Verdiem, a company in the enterprise PC energy management space.  For the past quarter he has spent considerable time in CSE, mentoring students and faculty on entrepreneurship.

Today’s graduates join a long line of UW CSE alumni who have changed the world!  Read more about Anne and Jeremy in the MSB excerpt here.