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Kinect programming boot camp at UW CSE

Dan Fernandez

UW attendees

John Davis

Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 has taken the gaming world by storm.  On Thursday, Microsoft Research rolled a Kinect SDK, making full-functionality Kinect programming available for any non-commercial use.  On Friday, Microsoft ran a Kinect programming boot camp for 40 UW CSE students, staff, and faculty, helping to bootstrap the UW CSE Kinect developer community.

Thanks to Stewart Tansley (Microsoft Research, and organizer of the event – who had gone 40+ hours without sleep but clearly had drunk plenty of coffee), Dan Fernandez (Microsoft Channel 9), John Davis (Microsoft Xbox), and Kent Foster (Microsoft Studios), for a great event.  (And thanks also for leaving some Kinects behind!)

Useful links:

Now, let’s see some apps!