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“Ever wonder if you should buy a new digital camera, or wait for a better one just around the corner?

“Even worse, did you buy the brand new HDTV right before 3-D came out?

“A new electronics shopping service is launching today to eliminate buyer’s remorse, by providing consumers with enough information to help them make a better decision.

“The Seattle-based is the brainchild of the same folks behind, which helped predict whether it was the right time to buy an airline ticket or if a price drop was coming.

“Farecast, which was purchased by Microsoft three years ago for $115 million, is now Bing Travel. …

“The company was co-founded by Oren Etzioni, who is also a computer science professor at the University of Washington. It has raised $8.5 million from Maveron, which was started by Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, and Madrona Venture Group, which was founded by one of the original investors in Amazon.”

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Etzioni comments:

“While Decide isn’t a spinout of UW technology, it has some remarkable ties to UW and to CSE:

  • Founders are myself and 4 UW alums (3 have their degrees from CSE)
  • Our Chief Scientist and our 2 other PhDs all received their Ph.D.s from CSE
  • Our CEO (Mike Fridgen) is a UW alum
  • Roughly 80% of our employees are UW alums”