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UW-MSR Summer Research Institute: Security and Privacy for a Consumer, Cloud World

Each year, UW Computer Science & Engineering and Microsoft Research host a Summer Research Institute in Computer Science, bringing together dozens of the world’s top researchers for several days to discuss an important emerging topic.

This year’s UW-MSR Summer Research Institute is taking place July 24-27 at Suncadia Resort, located in the Cascades, ninety minutes southeast of Seattle.  The topic is “Security and Privacy for a Consumer, Cloud World.”  The goal is to identify new directions for consumer and cloud computing, discuss the challenges for protecting security and privacy in a consumer and cloud computing world, and explore directions for mitigating those challenges.  The Institute brings together researchers and practitioners from diverse but relevant areas such as computer security, cryptography, mobile systems, cloud computing, systems and networking, and HCI.  The organizers are Yoshi Kohno (UW CSE), David Molnar (MSR), and Helen Wang (MSR).

This is the fifteenth UW-MSR Summer Research Institute.  The pattern of forward-looking interdisciplinary topics was established in the very beginning:  “Data Mining” in 1997, “Intelligent Systems: Biological and Computational Perspectives” in 1998, and “Technologies for Invisible Computing” in 1999.

Learn more about this year’s UW-MSR Summer Research Institute here.  Learn about previous Institutes here.  Trying to decide whether to do computer science on the east coast or the west coast?  Read today’s blog post from our UW Atmospheric Sciences colleague Cliff Mass here.