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UW Tacoma thanks Orlando Baiocchi, welcomes Rob Friedman

Rob Friedman

The Cake

Orlando Baiocchi

The Institute of Technology at UW Tacoma today thanked Orlando Baiocchi for five years of service as Director, and welcomed Rob Friedman, his successor.

Some editorializing by Ed Lazowska:

I worked closely with former UW Tacoma Chancellor Vicky Carwein to obtain legislative support for establishing the Institute of Technology.  One of Vicky’s many wonderful qualities was that she clearly understood the mission of UW Tacoma and of the Institute:  to serve as a powerful engine of revitalization for the South Sound region.  Working with Vicky, Larry Crum, and the faculty to launch the Institute was one of the most rewarding things I’ve been involved with at the University of Washington.

Orlando was not so fortunate as to have Vicky as his boss:  Vicky had left the University of Washington, and had been replaced by a Chancellor who simply didn’t understand the Institute (among many other things).  Orlando has fought the good fight, and we owe him a real debt of gratitude for doing a fine job in difficult circumstances.

Hopefully, under new Chancellor Debra Friedman, Rob and Orlando and the faculty can get back to serving their mission and having fun doing it.

Thanks, Orlando!