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Noah Snavely, TR35!

Each year Technology Review honors 35 innovators under the age of 35 “whose work promises to change the world.  Candidates from across the globe are chosen for tackling important problems in transformative ways.”

This year’s TR35 includes UW CSE Ph.D. alumnus Noah Snavely, now a faculty member at Cornell.

“In 2006, as part of his PhD studies at the University of Washington, Snavely created a system that could assemble such models using an unstructured assortment of images from different cameras and viewpoints…  In 2008 his work was commercialized as Microsoft’s Photosynth service, which allows users to upload photo collections and view them in a 3-D reconstruction of the space where they were taken…  Snavely, now an assistant professor at Cornell, is trying to assemble a ‘distributed camera’ composed of all the individual cameras whose pictures are shared online.  He hopes to use those photos to construct a street-level digital model of much of the globe.”

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