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UW CSE alum Ian King in WSJ for Paul Allen’s Living Computer Museum

“Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen wants an IBM 7094.  The elusive data-processing system was taken off the market in 1969 after just seven years and hasn’t been widely used since.

“It’s Ian King’s job to find it.

“Often clad in a kilt, and sporting a Grizzly Adams-like coiffure, Mr. King is traveling the globe in search of the 7094 and other obscure, often huge, old computer gear.  The machines will stock Mr. Allen’s appointment-only Living Computer Museum.

“‘I’m like a kid in a candy store,’ says Mr. King, who holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Washington …”

Read the Wall Street Journal article here.  See photographs here.  Learn more about Paul Allen’s Living Computer Museum here.