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VLDB “Best Paper” Awards

VLDB 2011 – the 37th International Conference on Very Large Databases – was held in Seattle this week.

As previously noted here, the VLDB 10-year Award, recognizing the paper that appeared in the VLDB conference 10 years ago and has had the greatest impact on database research since then, was received by Jayant Madhavan (a UW CSE Ph.D. alum, currently at Google) and Phil Bernstein (a UW CSE Affiliate Professor, working at Microsoft Research), along with their co-author Erhard Rahm, for their VLDB 2001 paper “Generic Schema Matching with Cupid.”

New news:  The VLDB 2011 paper “Data Markets in the Cloud:  An Opportunity for the Database Community” by UW CSE’s Magdalena Balazinska, Bill Howe, and Dan Suciu won 2nd place in the “Best Paper Award” competition for the Challenges and Visions Track at VLDB 2011.

The Challenges and Visions Track, organized in cooperation with the Computing Community Consortium, focuses on visionary ideas, long term challenges, and opportunities in data-centric research that are outside of the current mainstream topics of the field; submissions were judged on the extent to which they expand the possibilities and horizons of the field.  Similar tracks have been organized at a number of major conferences in the past year.

Congratulations to Magda, Bill, and Dan!