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CSE’s Zoran Popovic on CNN’s “The Big Idea”

A terrific interview on CNN’s “The Big Idea” with UW CSE’s Zoran Popovic.  Participants in the Foldit protein folding online game had recently solved a problem that had eluded scientists for a decade.

The GRAIL internal chatter following appearance of the video:

Zoran Popovic:  “Disheveled hair and tired mumbling after staying up most of the night with a new grant proposal.”

Steve Seitz:  “Great interview! Are you in a prison cell?”

Zoran:  “No that’s my cleaned up office (or at least a cleaned up corner).”

Brian Curless:  “Can you give an interview in my office next? It needs some spiffing up.”

Watch the interview here.  Learn about UW CSE’s Center for Game Science and the Foldit game here.