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Intel announces UW CSE – led Science and Technology Center in Pervasive Computing

Intel today announced the establishment of the Intel Science and Technology in Pervasive Computing, led by UW CSE professor Dieter Fox and Intel senior scientist (and UW CSE Ph.D. alumnus) Anthony LaMarca.

“Improving consumers’ physical and emotional wellbeing, assisting in the coordination of busy lives and enhancing the home functionality are high-value application areas. The ISTC for pervasive computing will develop three concept applications:

  • Mobile Health and Wellbeing
  • Family Coordination System
  • Task Space

“With the University of Washington operating as the hub, the ISTC for pervasive computing combines researchers from six U.S. research universities including Georgia Institute of Technology, Cornell University, University of Rochester, UCLA and Stanford University.:

Read the Intel press release here.  See the ISTC-PC web site here.  Learn about three major new UW CSE research centers here.

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