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OneBusAway has a friend in Zurich

Bus riders in the greater Seattle area rely on OneBusAway, using it more than 50,000 times a week.  OneBusAway was created by UW CSE Ph.D. student Brian Ferris, who graduated this past summer and now works for Google in Zurich.  Ferris built and ran One Bus Away, a collection of phone apps that inform riders when buses are expected to arrive at their stop, using data shared by transit agencies.

UW CSE has continued to run the system since Brian’s graduation.  However, earlier this month, King County Metro did a major restructuring of its network that caused glitches to OneBusAway.  Since it wasn’t clear which agency would pick up the tab for these changes, Brian updated the system himself.

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QUICK UPDATE:  On October 12th, the Puget Sound transit agencies announced that an agreement had been reached to keep OneBusAway running.