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Melissa Westbrook, CSE once-removed, is one of Seattle Magazine’s 2011 “Most Influential”

Shame on us.  On first reading, we only noticed Shwetak Patel as a CSE family member recognized by Seattle Magazine in its annual “Most Influential” feature.  But Seattle Schools activist Melissa Westbrook, wife of long-time CSE faculty member Gaetano Borriello, is there too!

“Tenacious, persistent and prescient:  The bloggers behind one of Seattle’s feistiest public-interest websites ( have been called that, and more…  ‘What I see as our biggest success is that we have become a source used by parents, staff and community for Seattle schools’ news,’ says Westbrook, a former PTA copresident and school board committee member. ‘We break stories and write stories that readers know they won’t find anywhere else.'”

Read the writeup on Melissa here and the full article here.