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UW CSE Affiliates Meeting and Alumni Open House

Paul Beame describes recent curricular revisions - very well received by Affiliates

Greg Gottesman congratulates Franzi Roesner, runner-up for the annual Madrona Prize for research

Greg Gottesman congratulates Gabe Cohn, winner of the annual Madrona Prize for research

Hank Levy congratulates Nicki Dell, winner of the People's Choice prize for research (provided by Madrona Venture Group)

MacArthur Award winner Shwetak Patel describes his research

Joe Tucci, Chairman and CEO of EMC, receives a Husky football jersey following his keynote address

UW CSE annually hosts a day of research presentations for members of our Affiliates program, capped by an evening of posters and demos to which we also invite regional alumni and friends.  More than 100 Affiliates spent the day with us today, and more than 100 alumni and friends joined them this evening.  Many Bruce Hemingway photos here and here.