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Bill Gates at UW CSE

Bill Gates spent the afternoon at UW CSE, visiting labs and speaking to a hanging-room-only crowd.

Bill met with Gaetano Borriello, Yaw Anokwa, Rohit Chaudhri, and Nicola Dell concerning technology for health care in the developing world; with Oren Etzioni, Kevin Clark, and Alan Ritter concerning the future of search; and with Shwetak Patel, Eric Larson, Sidhant Gupta, and Gabe Cohn concerning sustainability sensing.

A web archive of Bill’s talk and Q&A (“The Opportunity Ahead: A Conversation with Bill Gates”) is available here.

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Here’s a nice reminiscence on Bill’s early days as a programmer, scamming computer time at the University of Washington with his high school pal Paul Allen – from the.gates.notes.

Many Bruce Hemingway photographs here.