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James Hamilton in UW CSE Distinguished Lecturer Series, Tuesday

The task of following Bill Gates falls to James Hamilton.  James is a superb database, data center, and Internet-scale services R&D leader, as well as a superb speaker.  Currently Vice President and Distinguished Engineer at Amazon Web Services, he previously spent a decade with Microsoft, and before that a decade with IBM.  James also maintains two extremely interesting blogs:  one on all things related to technology (here), and one on all things related to cruising and living aboard (here).  (Whether you’re a data center designer or a cruiser, it helps to know a lot about diesel engines – one of James’s many surprising fields of expertise.)

James’s CSE Distinguished Lecture – “Internet-Scale Storage” – will be Tuesday at 3:30 in EE 105, with a reception to follow in the Microsoft Atrium of the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering.  Please join us!

Talk abstract and speaker bio here.