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UW ACM International Intercollegiate Programming Contest

On Saturday, Google sponsored the UW round of the ACM International Intercollegiate Programming Contest.

30 teams competed in the contest, organized by UW CSE’s Stuart Reges, assisted by UW CSE faculty colleagues Marty Stepp and Helene Martin; UW CSE students Victoria Wagner, Janette Sui, Shiny Yang, and Catriona Scott; and UW CSE Google alums Kevin Wallace and Ethan Apter. Google provide food, prizes, and swag.

The top five teams have won the honor of representing UW at the regional contest, which will be held November 5th:

  • #1: chaos: James Athappilly, Yusuke Tsutsumi, Miles Sackler
  • #2: Team SNAp: Nathaniel Mote, Alex Bykov, Stanley Wang
  • #3: The ? Ternary : Operators: Jeff Booth, Craig Macomber, Vikram Kudva
  • #4: Team Factory Factory: Kellen Donohue, Zach Stein, Conrad Meyer
  • #5: StUdLyCaPs: Jenny Abrahamson, David Bergsman, Greg Bigelow

Detailed results and information on the problems here.