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UW CSE 2011 Holiday Party

Magda Balazinska

Gaetano Borriello

Shwetak Patel

Luis Ceze

Oren Etzioni, Mike Ernst

Lucas Fogarty (who is far cuter in this hat than Ed Lazowska was)

More than 200 graduate students, staff, faculty, and family members gathered on Friday evening for the annual UW CSE Holiday Party.

The critics have already weighed in regarding the faculty skit (see photos):

  • Mike Ernst’s 5-year-old:  “They’re not actually acting, they’re just standing there talking.”
  • Steve Seitz’s 6-year-old:  “When does the real play start?”

Oren Etzioni has delivered the faculty response:

  • “Years ago, my 6 year-old said the same thing when I took him to see Waiting for Godot.”