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UW CSE hosts high school programming contest as finale to Computer Science Education Week

On Saturday December 10th, the Atrium of the Allen Center was the scene of delightful bedlam as more than 150 students from 43 teams representing 15 high schools competed in a day-long programming contest sponsored by UW CSE as the regional finale to the national Computer Science Education Week.

Results and photos can be found on the Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association (PSCSTA) website here.  Additional photos on the Garfield High School Computer Science website here and here, and in Helene Martin’s Picasa album here.

Congratulations to all 150 participants, and particularly to the winners:

  • Novice – 1st Place – Lakeside School – Alex Tong, Nat Mayer, Hannah Ruggiero
  • Novice – 2nd Place – Garfield High School – Caitlin Rochlin, William Zhou, Lucy Spain
  • Novice – 3rd Place – Lakeside School – Nikhil Khanna, Aran Khanna
  • Advanced – 1st Place – Garfield High School – Lane Aasen, Eamon Gaffney, Dylan Swiggett
  • Advanced – 2nd Place – Garfield High School – Jenny Lin, Grant Bronsdon, Isabel Suhr
  • Advanced – 3rd Place – Issaquah High School – Jason Walker, Patrick Violette

Also, thanks to the many volunteers who made the contest a success, and to the phenomenal high school computer science teachers in the Puget Sound region.  (We can’t resist noting that our alum Lauren Bricker is the computer science teacher at Lakeside School, and that our alum Helene Martin was the computer science teacher at Garfield High School for the past two years (Helene has now returned to UW CSE to teach and participate in K-12 outreach)!)