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Chris Kemp on UW CSE in GeekWire

“At 34 years old, Chris Kemp has a resume that many would call a career — Silicon Graphics systems engineer, chief architect, founder of online grocery technology company Netran and online travel company Escapia, CIO at NASA’s Ames Research Center and most recently the space agency’s first CTO for information technology …

“Now Kemp is back in the private sector, taking more risks and applying the lessons he’s learned along the way … Kemp is the CEO and co-founder of Nebula, a company developing an IT appliance that aims to make it easier and cheaper for companies to run ‘private clouds’ … The company is based in Palo Alto, with funding from some of the major players in the Silicon Valley investment community …

“Nebula also has a sizable presence in Seattle … ‘The tech community is phenomenal. There are a lot of really smart engineers here … the University of Washington is a little like Stanford.  They’ve got a fantastic CS program.'”

Read the full interview here.

December 15, 2011