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CSE’s Jake Appelbaum, Sidhant Gupta in Forbes “30 Under 30”

Forbes highlights 30 superstars under the age of 30 in each of 12 fields:  Art & Design, Energy, Entertainment, Finance, etc.

In the “Technology” field, two of the 30 are UW CSE’s Jake Appelbaum and Sidhant Gupta.

Jake is highlighted as “Digital anonymity and crypto expert gained fame finding security bugs in software and consulting to WikiLeaks.”

Sidhant is highlighted as “Developing new sensors and software for the home that conserve electricity, heat and gas.”

Forbes also recognized Cloudera’s Jeff Hammerbacher in the “Technology” field; Jeff co-founded Cloudera with UW CSE bachelors alumnus Christophe Bisciglia.

In “Science,” Forbes highlighted UW Biostatistics professor Daniela Witten, wife of Facebook Seattle director Ari Steinberg.  Also UW Genome Science graduate student Sara Ng.