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“Sensor Sensation”

Prism, the flagship publication of the American Society for Engineering Education, features the teaching of UW CSE/EE’s Shwetak Patel:

“The 50 students who enrolled in Shwetak Patel’s Embedded Microcomputer Systems class last winter could not have expected to draw a public spotlight. But once they rose to his challenge, building and programming controllers for a fleet of remotely piloted quadrocopters, a video of their drones’ successful flight leapt from YouTube into the local media.

“Engaging students in exciting practical applications is the best way to teach advanced engineering concepts, argues Patel, a three-year assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Washington. Taking cues from his own research, … Patel overhauled the traditional platform for an embedded systems class.  Instead of working with small motors and LEDs, he had students tackle the four-rotor helicopter drones project…  Captivated, the students taught themselves concepts outside the scope of their coursework – a professor’s dream come true.”

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