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“Washington’s leaders flunk the higher education test”

The Tacoma News Tribune weighs in on a recent University of Pennsylvania study that castigates Washington’s leaders for under-investment in bachelors-level higher education:

“A new critique of the system from the University of Pennsylvania should give pause to anyone inclined to view cuts to public colleges as the path of least resistance in a hard budget year.

“Washington’s four-year colleges are already half-crippled, concluded the experts from the university’s Institute for Research on Higher Education …

“Hunting for the underlying causes of the system’s weaknesses, the researchers accurately nailed the chief culprit: the state’s political leadership. Collectively, our governors and lawmakers have not cared deeply enough or fought hard enough for Washington’s would-be college students. This legislative session is the time to end that sorry tradition.”

Read the editorial here.  Learn more about the study here.