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On mentoring …

In this Seattle Times article, Kate Starbird – Lakes High School graduate, Stanford and professional basketball star, and soon-to-be University of Colorado ATLAS Institute Ph.D. recipient – credits UW CSE’s David Notkin for reaching out and helping her make the return from professional sports to computer science.

“After playing professionally in Spain, she was thinking about returning to school when she received an email out of the blue from Notkin, inviting her to a meeting of the executive leadership of the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

“Notkin knew she had studied computer science at Stanford and ‘sort of kept a vague eye on her.’

“At the meeting, Starbird sat next to the head of Colorado’s technology program, who invited her to apply there.”

Starbird is speaking this week at the ACM Computer-Supported Cooperative Work conference in Bellevue.  On March 5, she will speak in UW HCDE.  On March 6, she will speak in UW CSE.  The University of Colorado’s ATLAS Institute is led by UW CSE Ph.D. alumnus John Bennett.

Read Brier Dudley’s Seattle Times article here.