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The Impact of IT R&D – A Webcast Symposium

On Thursday, a daylong “semi-technical” symposium marking the 20th anniversary of the Federal NITRD Program – under which more than a dozen Federal agencies coordinate their investments in networking and information technology research and development – will be held in Washington DC and webcast live.

Speakers (at 15 minutes apiece) include Jeannette Wing, Kevin Knight, Beth Mynatt, Helen Nissenbaum, Sebastian Thrun, UW CSE’s Shwetak Patel, Erik Brynjolfsson, Tom Lange, Vint Cerf, Bill Scherlis, UW CSE Ph.D. alumnus Stefan Savage, Russ Altman, David Keyes, Kathy Yelick, Tom Davis, Eric Brown, UW CSE affiliate professor Eric Horvitz, Alex Szalay, Tom Kalil, Peter Lee, and Chuck Vest.

Former Vice President Al Gore will provide a luncheon keynote.

The complete program, and (soon) a link to the webcast, may be found here.  These will be excellent talks – you be sure to watch parts of the webcast.  A blog post with additional information may be found here.  (NOTE:  The times on the program are Eastern Time!)

The symposium is organized by the Computing Community Consortium, co-chaired by UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska and by Susan Graham, and directed by Erwin Gianchandani.  CCC is an activity of the Computing Research Association.