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Twenty great 15-minute talks about Computer Science futures

On Feb. 16th, over 150 attendees packed a room overlooking the United States Capitol to mark two decades of coordinated Federal investment in networking and information technology research and development with a daylong symposium exploring progress and prospects in the field.

A website has now gone live with complete materials from this extraordinary day — including videos, photos, slides, and written summaries from the 19 15-minute presentations by leaders of the field, plus a luncheon keynote by former Vice President Al Gore, a longtime champion of information technology R&D.

Speakers from the computing research community included Jeannette Wing, Kevin Knight, Beth Mynatt, Helen Nissenbaum, Sebastian Thrun, UW CSE professor Shwetak Patel, Erik Brynjolfsson, Tom Lange, Vint Cerf, Bill Scherlis, UW CSE Ph.D. alumnus Stefan Savage, Russ Altman, David Keyes, Kathy Yelick, Eric Brown, UW CSE affiliate professor Eric Horvitz, and Alex Szalay.  A final panel included Tom Kalil, Chuck Vest, Peter Lee, Mynatt, and Savage.

The organizing committee was co-chaired, on behalf of the Computing Community Consortium, by Susan Graham and UW CSE professor Ed Lazowska (who also provided a summary of the day).

Website here.