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Shwetak Patel interviewed on KCTS TV

An outstanding interview on KCTS TV with UW CSE and EE professor Shwetak Patel.

“About the Episode:  University of Washington assistant professor Shwetak Patel talks about being named a 2011 MacArthur Genius Award recipient which includes $500,000—no strings attached. Patel has figured out novel ways of using home electrical systems. We talk with Patel about his work and what the MacArthur Award means to him.

“About Shwetak Patel:  Shwetak Patel is a computer scientist and entrepreneur, best known for his work on developing novel sensing solutions and ubiquitous computing. He joined the University of Washington in 2008 as an assistant professor in both Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering. In 2011, he was named a MacArthur Fellow, at the age of 29. His technology start-up company on energy sensing, Zensi, was acquired by Belkin International, Inc. in 2010.”

Watch the interview here.