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Aldrich, Chambers, and Notkin win ICSE “Test of Time” Award

Many major computer science conferences have established the tradition of annually identifying the most influential paper from the conference ten years ago.  UW CSE authors have received a number of these awards – a clear indication of the lasting impact of our research.

The most recent winner is the paper “ArchJava: Connecting Software Architecture to Implementation” which has just been named the “Most Influential Paper from ICSE 2002” – the International Conference on Software Engineering.  The ArchJava paper was co-authored by UW CSE Ph.D. student Jonathan Aldrich (now a faculty member at Carnegie Mellon) and UW CSE professors Craig Chambers (now at Google Seattle) and David Notkin.  The award will be presented at ICSE 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland in June.

Congratulations to Jonathan, Craig, and David!