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CSE’s Adrian Sampson on energy-efficient computing

Greenpeace is releasing today its ratings on how clean or dirty tech companies’ clouds are.  The Seattle Times quotes UW CSE Ph.D. student Adrian Sampson in their article on the Greenpeace report:

“‘Only in the last few years have we started using more energy in the cloud than we are on the devices we have,’ said Adrian Sampson, a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington who specializes in energy-efficient computing.

“Energy-conscious consumers should be aware that when they operate, say, a smartphone or a tablet, the battery is not the only energy they’re using, Sampson said. ‘Especially for things like iPhones and iPads, which are extremely energy-efficient, and they’re only able to be that efficient because they use so much energy in the cloud, in data centers,’ he said.”

Read the Seattle Times article here.