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SoundWave in the news!

PCWorld writes:  “Most gesture-based control systems we use today rely on either motion-capture cameras – like the Kinect – or a touchscreen device.  But researchers from Microsoft Research and the University of Washington are developing a system that can detect object with sound waves, like how a bat does with echolocation.  With the SoundWave project, the researchers aim to bring gesture controls to any computer that has a set of speakers and microphone.  The program uses the Doppler Effect of sound waves for to detect objects and recognize motion.”  Read the PCWorld article here.

ExtremeTech writes:  “Microsoft Research, working with the University of Washington, has developed a Kinect-like system that uses your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers to provide object detection and gesture recognition, much in the same way that a submarine uses sonar.”  Read the ExtremeTech article here.

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Slashdot coverage here.

SoundWave is a collaboration involving Sidhant Gupta and Shwetak Patel from UW CSE, and Dan Morris and Desney Tan from Microsoft Research.