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“Meet the future: These 21 UW computer science grads are ready to change the world”

A really wonderful GeekWire profile of 21 graduating UW CSE students:

“It’s a good time to have a degree in computer science.  And it’s not just because, Google and Microsoft are paying big bucks to hire the best-and-brightest software developers and engineers.

“Computer science is transforming the world, radically changing industries as diverse as health, transportation, media and communications.

“With that in mind (and with the University of Washington commencement set for this weekend), we decided to check in with the UW’s computer science and engineering class of 2012 …

“So, without further ado, meet some of the class of 2012. We think you’ll be quite impressed.”

Read these terrific profiles here.  (Many thanks to GeekWire‘s John Cook for having the idea and pushing it forward.)