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Xconomy on UW CSE

“With a recent string of hires, the university has seriously beefed up its faculty in the area broadly known as ‘Big Data,’ becoming increasingly important in as the Web continues to grow and spread via mobile computing …

“A New York Times profile of the department published last weekend … paints a picture of a computer science department on the rise, adding big names in academic circles to its previously established group of leaders like department chairman Hank Levy, Bill & Melinda Gates chair Ed Lazowska, and Oren Etzioni – a crucial kind of professor who straddles the worlds of research and start-ups …

“As documented in this recent Seattle Times story, that recent surge of hires added heft in machine learning, statistics, and data visualization. Those new recruits came from top programs: Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Pennsylvania.”

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July 9, 2012