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San Francisco Chronicle: “University of Washington a tech talent pipeline”

The San Francisco Chronicle picks up Nick Wingfield’s New York Times profile of UW Computer Science & Engineering:

“Some budding entrepreneurs and computer whizzes based in the Pacific Northwest are starting to turn heads down in Silicon Valley …

“Although Stanford is considered the Hogwarts of techdom, UW has quietly established itself as the other West Coast nexus of the information economy.  And while Seattle-area tech icons like Microsoft and Amazon have long relied on UW – pronounced “U-dub” by locals – as an incubator of talent and ideas, the Valley’s hottest companies have been getting the message, too.

“Their executives have begun streaming up the coast to Seattle, fueled by a talent arms race for programmers.  Facebook, Zynga and Google have opened offices in the area, trying to woo UW engineers who’d rather live here …”

Read the article here.  “What?!?!  No photographs?!?!”  Read it with photographs here.  See more photographs here.