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Carlos Guestrin leads First GraphLab Workshop on Large-scale Machine Learning

Carlos Guestrin, soon to join UW CSE from Carnegie Mellon, recently hosted the First GraphLab Workshop on Large-scale Machine Learning.  A Computing Community Consortium blog post describes the landmark event:

“The scale and complexity of data on the web continues to grow at a tremendous rate. A recent New York Times article compared Big Data to an economic asset for companies, like currency and gold. But, in order to extract value from 6 billion Flickr images, 900 million Facebook users, 24 million Wikipedia articles, or the 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute, we need machine learning techniques that can scale to these huge datasets. The First GraphLab Workshop on Large-scale Machine Learning, held in San Francisco on July 9th, sought to bring together folks from industry and academia to explore the state of the art on this fundamental challenge.”

Read the CCC blog post here.  Learn about the workshop here.  Learn about GraphLab here.