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NSF CISE AD Farnam Jahanian highlights two UW CSE research breakthroughs in Snowbird keynote address

This week, the nation’s computer science, information science, and computer engineering department heads are gathered in Snowbird, Utah for the every-other-year Computing Research Association Conference at Snowbird.

In his keynote address on Monday morning, Farnam Jahanian, the National Science Foundation’s Assistant Director for Computer and Information Science and Engineering, highlighted two UW CSE research breakthroughs.

Jahanian showed the NSF “Science Nation” video describing UW CSE’s “Rome in a Day” project – synthesizing tens of thousands of photographs into 3D models of cities that can be navigated.  Watch the great video here.  Learn more about the project here.

Jahanian also highlighted Foldit, UW CSE’s web-based videogame for protein folding and protein structure calculation.  Last year, gamers using Foldit cracked an AIDS-related protein structure problem that had eluded the scientific community for more than a decade.  Learn about UW CSE’s Center for Game Science here.  Play Foldit here.

Both of these breakthroughs came from UW CSE’s extraordinary GRaphics and Imaging Laboratory – GRAIL.  Learn more about GRAIL here.