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“Augmented reality kitchens keep novice chefs on track”

An article in New Scientist describes the work of UW CSE Ph.D. student Jinna Lei:

“Celebrity chef apps, online how-to videos and recipe-sharing websites have all joined traditional cookbooks as guides for the amateur epicurean. But wouldn’t it be nice if your kitchen could help you prepare a meal? …

Jinna Lei at the University of Washington has also installed cameras in the kitchen to watch over novice chefs.  Lei and colleagues used Kinect-like depth-sensing cameras capable of recording both the shape and appearance of kitchen objects, allowing them to track cooking actions, such as whether a particular ingredient has been added to a bowl.

“The system uses both object and action-recognition to keep track of what the cook is doing …

“Eventually, Lei hopes the system will be able to prompt chefs when they make a mistake.”

Read the article here.