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“New program joins computer science and design experts at UW, Tsinghua University”

UW News reports on CSE’s World Lab Summer Institute:

“Health care? Environmental sustainability? Education? There’s an app for that. At least there may be soon, thanks to a new collaboration between UW and Chinese students.

“The University of Washington this July and August hosted the first World Lab Summer Institute, which brings together computer science, human-computer interaction and design students from the UW and Beijing’s Tsinghua University. Together they spent seven weeks developing ways that technology could be used to address global issues in health, environment and education.

“Students from China and the U.S. worked in teams of four to brainstorm ideas and develop apps.

“The summer exchange is the inaugural activity of the The World Lab, which aims to promote closer collaboration between the UW and Tsinghua, one of the top universities in mainland China, on issues of computer science and design.

“The World Lab was founded by James Landay, a UW professor of computer science, and colleagues at Tsinghua, after Landay spent a sabbatical year living in Beijing and working at Microsoft Research Asia.

“‘In China I saw a lot of excitement and rapid development in computing,’ Landay said. ‘I also saw ways that China and the U.S. could learn from one another.'”

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