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GigaOm features UW CSE alumni startup MemCachier

MemCachier, a “Memcached-in-the-cloud” startup created by UW CSE alum Alex Loddengaard working with UW CSE alum Amit Levy, was profiled today in GigaOm.

(MemCachier shares San Francisco space with WibiData, a data analytics startup created by UW CSE alum Christophe Bisciglia working with UW CSE alum Aaron Kimball.  Christophe, Aaron, and Alex previously worked together at Cloudera, the first startup created by Christophe after he left Google.  Memcached – the pre-cloud progenitor of MemCachier, used worldwide to speed up dynamic database-driven websites by caching data and objects in RAM – was originally created by UW CSE alum Brad Fitzpatrick at his startup Danga Interactive to support LiveJournal.  Get the message?)

Read the GigaOm profile here.  Learn more about MemCachier here.

September 5, 2012