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“Understanding ‘The Cloud'”: UW CSE’s Bill Howe, on KING 5 News

“A recent survey of 1000 adults found a majority thought cloud computing actually referred to a “fluffy white thing.” Fifty-one percent also believed storms could interfere with it, according to the survey sponsored by Citrix.

“Those statistics are evidence that many computer users do not fully understand this new, important technology …

“‘Seattle is really ground zero for cloud computing with the presence of Amazon, founded here, Microsoft here and Google having a substantial presence here as well,’ said Bill Howe, a [UW CSE] professor.

“Thanks to the cloud, new companies no longer need to fill rooms with massive computer servers to store their data.

“‘We’re able to innovate in a way we’d never be able to innovate without using these cloud services,’ said Shauna Causey of, a [UW CSE] Seattle startup.”

Watch the interview here.